Eye Examinations

Sight is precious.  It is vital that you have your eyes examined regularly.

Your professional eye examination is carried out by Tony Plastow, our highly experienced Optometrist.  Using an array of modern techniques, Tony will examine your eyes thoroughly.  You will receive a personal screening programme as your eyes are as unique as your fingerprint.  This provides vital indicators of your general health.

Screening may include: 

  • Visual field assessment
  • Internal/external assessment
  • Intra-Ocular pressures
  • Central Retinal Assessment
  • Muscle Activity
  • Dry eye advice
  • Diabetes indicators
  • Glaucoma indicators
  • Blood pressure activity

Tony also uses a digital retinal camera to capture enhanced images of the front and back of the eye.  The excellent detail provides a ‘realtime’ image of your retina and is carefully stored with your health data to allow for future comparison.  Whether you are a one of our younger patients or more senior, you can rest assured that you are in safe hands.

The practice has the facility to refer for cataract assessment.  We enjoy close links with GP surgeries, Ophthalmologists and Hospital services, assuring you of our best attention.